Mini Bands 2.0

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With the Booty Killer fitness rubbers you tighten your body, increase the effectiveness of your workouts and strengthen your muscles. Thanks to the practical bag included in the delivery, you can take the tapes with you anywhere.


Practical training Bands to increase training efficiency by additional resistance. Mini bands can be used in personal training and group lessons as well as in rehabilitation. Increase the effectiveness of upper and lower body exercises significantly. When used for such exercises, they allow an additional activation of the central muscles, the synergistic muscles and the stabilizing muscles in the hip and shoulder area. Thanks to its handiness, It can be used anywhere – at home, in the field, in the gym and on the go.

New version of the mini bands:

New colors of the bracelets

Much wider and robust rubbers

The set consists of:

4 training rubbers with different resistance levels: Light, Medium, Heavy and Extreme

Practical Mesh Bag

The product is partly made of latex, allergy sufferers should not use this product.


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