Booty Killer PRO – Kinetic Bands

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Booty Killer Kinetic Bands PRO set is designed for more advanced users and athletes who want to strengthen their muscles, improve their condition, work on speed, and prepare the body for increased sporting activity. Thanks to the Booty Killer you can maximize and diversify your home workouts.

BOOTY Killer PRO set consists of:

  • 2 comfortable and easily adjustable elastic velcro neoprene belts
  • 2 sets of resistance bands: 11mm and 12mm
  • handy mesh travel sack
  • calendar with a training cycle
  • exemplary training plan

* The Booty Killer set contains thinner, less resistant kinetic bands with dimensions: 9mm and 11mm.

*NOTE! Store the bands in a dry place without access to daylight. Otherwise, it can accelerate the destruction of the rubbers.

Additional information


1 kg


8 × 38 × 64 cm

3 reviews for Booty Killer PRO – Kinetic Bands

  1. Leone

    Everything I needed in one package! I’ve had other resistance band sets before but not like this. These resistance bands are absolutely fantastic.!!!

  2. Veronica

    Great set for more advanced people, I totally recommend it.

  3. Paul

    Those bands diversified my home workouts, I like them way more than regular resistant bands! Problem with sliding from my legs is solved with those.

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