Booty Killer Kinetic Bands KIDS

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Made 100% of Latex, Booty Killer Kinetic Bands can be used alone or together with Velcro neoprene belts. Suitable for any fitness level – whether you are an expert or beginner, this equipment can fulfill your requirements. Color-coded Booty Killer Kinetic Bands were designed to help you maximize and diversify your home workouts.

Our Booty Killer product – kinetic bands are easily replaceable additional bands with dimensions:

  • 25 cm long
  • 8 mm thick

The 8 mm band provides less resistance during exercise. It can be used by children or people who are just starting the adventure with Booty Killer Kinetic Bands.

*The standard set of Booty Killer Kinetic Bands consists of bands with a thickness of 9 and 11 mm.

*NOTE! Store the bands in a dry place without access to daylight. Otherwise, it can accelerate the destruction of the rubbers.

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1 kg


8 × 38 × 64 cm

1 review for Booty Killer Kinetic Bands KIDS

  1. Kathy

    I bought those bands for my son to encourage him to practise more sports. Combination of judo and bands trainings has made him obssessed with sport activities!

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