Booty Killer Kinetic Bands EXTREME

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The novelty in our offer: Booty Killer Kinetic Bands EXTREME!

For advanced and demanding athletes for whom kinetic bands PRO are not sufficient.

Made 100% of Latex.

Kinetic Bands EXTREME are easily replaceable additional bands with dimensions:

  • 32 cm long
  • 15 mm thick!!

The 15 mm provides the strongest resistance during exercise.

*The standard set of Booty Killer Kinetic Bands consists of bands with a thickness of 9 and 11 mm.

*NOTE! Store the bands in a dry place without access to daylight. Otherwise, it can accelerate the destruction of the rubbers.

Additional information


1 kg


8 × 38 × 64 cm

2 reviews for Booty Killer Kinetic Bands EXTREME

  1. Ariane

    I love these bands. I have used them over 2 months and they are amazing. I am able to challenge myself and feel great change in my body from using these loops.

  2. Cinthia

    I’m prettty advanced with resistant bands and thus I couldn’t find proper ones for my strength level. But those are perfect for everyone who want to feel glutes!

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